Saturday, March 2

Discount Voucher at the time of Signup

Good news for online shopping lover, now get the discount voucher worth Rs.2000/- as a signup bonus at the time of registration on These days, the online shopping is becoming very effective as it is very cost effective, also save time. Purchase any goods or product through a single mouse click with the help of this advance format of shopping. After completing the signup process on this online store, you will receive a welcome email along with discount voucher code from this, it is unique to you. Use this coupon for purchasing all available products on this cheapest store.

You can use this coupon code in multiples of Rs. 50, 100, 200 and 500. This discount voucher remains valid for two month from the time of registration and can be used up to maximum of 40 times, total amount of two thousand rupees. The maximum redeemable amount is Rs.500/- on each single transaction. Use Rs.50/- coupon on shopping of Rs. 450 and above, Rs.100 on purchasing of Rs.4500 and above, Rs. 200 on purchase of Rs.10000 and above and Rs. 500 on shopping of above Rs.20000. So visit Kaunsa for sign up and get the benefit of this discount voucher.

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